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About Us

LS Professional Systems LLC


The LS Ethos

Non invasive, no chemical drugs, just pure energy, as nature intended!

We strive to produce the best possible solution to your health and fitness challenges to keep you energized and moving for life without the use of synthetic drugs and surgery.

This is not a production line of products and equipment, this is a culture, a passion to respectfully work with the world around us replicating the best in nature through technology, producing leading edge innovative health and vitality products that have been proven to support your bodies innate ability to function, repair and regenerate at a cellular level, in turn supporting an active and vibrant Quality of Life.

Our Commitment to You

Our Customer Support promise doesn’t finish when you receive your LS products. That’s when it starts!

Your peace of mind is our business. From the moment you invest in your health and fitness with LS ProSystems, we strive to deliver the information, training and knowledge for you to experience the maximum benefits from our products specific to your needs.

We are all different with our unique DNA and cellular terrain, at LS we recognise and embrace this fact. We don’t make a one product fits all, we tailor the controllers and pads to fit your business and personal requirements.


The LS Warranty, Your peace of mind

Our unrivaled warranty policy reflects the confidence we have in the workmanship of our products, your investment in LS ProSystems is one of trust, and our guarantee gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your products can be depended on for your personal or professional needs…every day!


Trusted by the professional

LS Pro Systems are used throughout the world by healthcare professionals and professional athletes. These professionals have put their trust in our products and we strive to honor this thought our commitment towards innovation and the quality of our products, while delivering the support system needed to keep our customers both educated and happy.